ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional):

Boom and line pumps available for schools, warehouses, retail and office buildings

Water Treatment/Pumping, Bridge Decks/Abutments/Restoration

Years of experience pumping low slump, low water:cement ratio, plasticized/self-consolidating mixes, using the wide assortment of tip hose attachments including wall pipes, Kevlar re-enforced wall socks and reducing tip hoses

ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms):

  • All Pumps carry 3ā€ tip hoses for ICF wall mixes

Subdivision, Custom Home, Multi Unit

  • We exclusively offer ā€œZā€ boom pumps to make working under or over temporary subdivision supply lines safe and efficient
  • The long reach and small footprint of our 32Z and 38Z boom pumps make them the obvious choice for multiple setups and quick cleanup


  • Our large booms are ideal for single setups on large barn and tank walls
  • The high volume output produced by our boom pumps allow us to make quick work of large silo bases

Large/Remote Projects (i.e. Mining, Power Generation, etc.):

  • We offer on-site repair & maintenance facilities serving ALL of Ontario
  • Ability to quote jobs based on time & material, or contract
  • The combined flexibility of our boom pumps and operator/mechanics allows us to reliably operate in cold, harsh and remote conditions, while placing vast amounts of concrete